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At ServeNig

We offer best pricing on all networks data subscription, discounted airtime vtu recharge services,bills payment without any fee and crypto-currency trading at the best prices.

Our prices


MTN Prices

  • 1GB= #380
  • 2GB= #750
  • 5GB= #1800
  • GLO Prices

  • 1.6GB or 2GB= #900
  • 3.65GB or 4.5GB= #1800
  • 5.75GB or 7.2GB= #2250
  • 7GB or 8.25GB= #2700
  • 10GB or 12.5GB= #3600
  • 12.5GB or 15.6GB= #4600
  • 20GB or 25GB= #7300
  • 26GB or 32.5GB= #8800
  • 42GB or 52.5GB= #13200
  • 9mobile Prices

  • 250MB= #300
  • 500MB= #400
  • 1GB= #700
  • 1.5GB= #1100
  • 2GB= #1400
  • 3GB= #2000
  • 5GB= #3300
  • 11.5GB= #7200
  • 15GB= #8900
  • BIlls Subsricption


    Gotv Subsricption

    Subscribe your Gotv of any package at best price.

    DSTV Subsricption

    FTA LITE, Access, Compact, Compact Plus, Premium.

    StarTimes Subsricption

    StarTimes Subsricption of all packages are available at affordable prices

    Spectranet Subsricption

    Generate your Spectranet PINS with and get discount on your Subsricption

    WAEC and NECO Subsricption

    Generate WAEC and NECO PINS and get discount

    Electricity Payment

    Pay your electricity bills at the best prices

    Buy Airtime

    Airtime VTU Recharge



    No need of stracting card or loading PINS. Just recharge or top-up your airtime with a single click and relax.

    Our Airtime VTU system is powered by modern technology, so relax no hassle on our recharges, it get delivered insatantly the moment you ordered.